Why Choose Koastal?

1. We use Cerakote to create our product finishes, but what is Cerakote???

Cerakote is the industry-leading ceramic coating.  It's perfect for customizing that stainless drinkware you love because of it's abrasive resistance quality.

In other words, whether you're fishing, hiking, sporting, working, skiing, mountain climbing, or just relaxing, you wont scratch or chip that cup you love!

Don't fall for those powderpuff coatings or stickers people say might last... Go with Cerakote, because it WILL last.

Koastal Drinkware was built on the idea of offering high-quality drinkware products that are coated with a high-quality paint to match.  That doesn't mean you have to skip out on those awesome designs though!

2. We're local.

The owners originally started a company called PromoKote, which is a Cerakoting factory producing customized stainless drinkware for businesses to use as branding or promotional giveaways.  

This was successful, but everyone kept asking for 1 or 2 neat products designs, and we weren't set up that way.  All we produced were large quantity batches with company logos... Well, in comes Koastal Drinkware.

Our store is designed to give everyone the opportunity to have the quality of products we've producing for a year now, without having to buy large quantities. This said, we're always open to design ideas.  Please, contact us anytime and tell us how we can improve for you.

3. We want to give back to our community!

We are very connected within our community and we strive to find ways to help others in all we do.  That said, visit our "Make a difference" collection. Each of these products benefits a specific mission, explained within.  Since we built a tool to provide our customers with high-quality products, we want to use it to help those issues closest to others, as well!

4. We're extremely funny.

No, not really, but we do make awesome products.


Stand Out From The Crowd ... Go Koastal.